Monday, September 24, 2012


There’s a song in the Disney movie Cinderella, entitled “So This Is Love.” I think that is the most beautiful song that matches a love story that is equally beautiful.
            It’s that moment where she stands above the prince and the whole ball stops to revel in her beauty. The second their eyes meet, they know that they are in love. She glides down the steps and into his arms where she remains the whole night long. 
But then, the clock strikes twelve. I know what is to happen, but still my fists clench in outrage. The magic will wear off and Cinderella must leave her prince! But so great is the prince’s devotion that he will go to every maiden in the kingdom to find the foot that fits the slipper that Cinderella left on the stairs of the palace. And even when Cinderella’s stepsisters promise that, no one else live in their home the prince’s heart cries out to his lover and she walks through the door. He slides the glass slipper on her foot and joy overwhelms his expression. True love has conquered all.
Another one of my favorite love songs is called, “The Way I Do.” The lyrics simply state:
“No you don’t know you
The way I do.”
The story around the song focuses on two character, a farm boy with a low IQ named Tootsie Noodles and a killer robot named Mega-Girl. Tootsie Noodles falls in love with Mega-Girl from the moment he lays eyes on her. As Mega-Girl is designed to loathe the human race, she turns away until Tootsie Noodles breaks out into song.  He remarks on his personality says, “I may be dumb,” and telling the robot that though she is designed to kill humans he loves her anyway because he sees that there is more to her that she can see. In a moment of audience chills, Mega-Girl begins to sing to Tootsie Noodles claiming that he does not know himself the way she knows him.
            The reason the story is so touching is not for the lyrics or the voices. The love is woven between them so tightly that they can put their differences behind them.
            Don’t love stories make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? Even though the endings might be cliché and repetitive, they never fail to make me happy.
 Love is everywhere. It is a feeling to be held on pedestal above
everything else. It is a gift, a command. It is simple and beautiful. It is soft and sweet. Do you feel it?

Photos curtsy of: The Rowbacca and Disney Studios on Facebook

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