Saturday, September 29, 2012


Have you ever listened to soft jazz music? It is truly the most relaxing music that exists. It surrounds you. It leaks into your every pore, relaxing you from the inside out. Soft jazz is my inspiration. It flows into my fingertips, causing them to dance over the keyboard and to create strings of silken sentences. What is it about the soft jazz music coming through my earbuds? Why does it always manage to wipe away my stress and worry?
 My answer: beauty. I believe in the beauty of soft jazz. Its beauty is its magic. Imagine pressing that “play” button and hearing the music begin. Imagine a stream of light starting at your feet and wrapping around your whole body. The lights twinkle softly in hues of silver and gold. When they touch you bare skin you feel wisps of silk. They fill you with warmth and happiness. With one leap, you can fly into the sky, floating on a cloud, swinging from stars.
When the song ends, you are slowly drifted from the heavens back to earth. You lay, eyes closed as the next song begins. Perhaps for this song you stay firmly planted on the ground. But, beneath your eyelids, a soft violet blush fills your vision. Skirts twirl with the music. To the side and orchestra plays. A harp is plucked and saxophones are blown, tender and sweet. You clasp hands with your partner and step into the violet haze. A spin. A twirl. A dip. You rise as the song draws to a finish. Your eyes open and the sunlight warms your face.
I will admit, I enjoy the Pop/Country songs of the day and will more than likely slide in my Starkid or Taylor Swift CD then turn on my Disney Jazz. But, now, at 11 o’clock at night the house is dark and silent. I am the only one awake. And now, in the darkness, I can think of no better way to end my day then with the tranquil sound of soft jazz. Note after note, score after score, song after song. I close my eyes and let the music carry me to another land. A land away from homework and deadlines. A land where my mind can rest. A land of calm tranquility and loveliness. A land of soft jazz.

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