Thursday, October 4, 2012


It was the day after our school wide service project. Our senior class had just returned from a day of hard work in the sun and was eating a well-earned lunch. I was sitting at a table, laughing with my friends until a woman stopped my happiness with a few short words. Through a blur of tears, I wrote this poem for her and for anyone plagued with anger. Stay strong!

The harsh roar of deafening waves crashes in my ears
I cannot hear anything over the quick throbbing of my heart
Red clouds my vision and my hands curl into fists
How can one word cause all this?
I can almost remember,
Another time, another place
Was it just minutes ago?
Lifting damp hair and pressing ice packs to our cheeks
But here, now
Standing in the blissfully cool room
Hearing nothing but my pounding thoughts
Feeling nothing but my nails digging into my skin
One word
For this
But a prick of light shines through the blood red
Closer and closer
Filling my chest with air
Relaxing me
I breathe in deeply
And laugh
I laugh in the face of adversity
Watching her swallow her hurtful words and take a step back
I reach up and touch the trees, the sky, a mountain
But then I’m back
Tears prick my eyes
And I turn and walk away

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