Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Fear is a common emotion in the twenty-first century. But how would fear look if it could walk, talk, or touch? In this personification poem, I wanted to bring to life the feeling of fear because when experience, the feeling seems more real then even reality.

Fear lurks in the darkness,
His eyes are like little lights, protruding out of the darkness.
He wears a hooded cape,
Black as night.
Fear is giant shadow,
Lurking around like a cat that has been kicked.
As he speaks his voice sounds like
A groan,
A whisper,
Like scrubbing a copper pot.
As he comes closer I smell
Salty tears.
I can now see his face.
Fear has eyes that are red,
No sleep and long nights.
He groans to me.
He whispers about dark, death, and spiders,
He comes closer and the humming gets louder,
Ringing in my ears.
Screams echo in his hollow head,
But he wants more.
Closer and Closer,
Louder and louder.
A scream chokes my throat and I faint away
Dead in his arms

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